Heading Styles

Pencil Pleat

The Pencil Pleat heading is adjustable as you can pull the strings in the heading tape and gather the curtain to your desired >


Knife Pleat

Knife Pleat is related to the Pencil Pleat in that it uses a similar type of gather tape but each pleat is sewn flat one over the next. It has different hook positions on the back to place a gather hook to suit a Track or Rod and Ring set. It is a neater look but not adjustable so you will need to be accurate with your >


Double Pinch Pleat

Double Pinch Pleat curtains are just like Triple Pinch Pleat but the pleats are sewn in in groups of two not three. Both >


Triple Pinch Pleat

Triple Pinch Pleat curtains have a classic look featuring permanently sewn in pleats. Pinch pleat looks particularly great under a Rod and Ring set but is also suitable for tracks. The curtain has a 8cm heading tape sewn in and pin hooks or slide in hooks like our Smart hooks can be used. Pinch Pleat is sewn to a set >Don't forget to tick the centre Overlap and Return options for your track (if required). We will also add some extra >


Box Pleat (Inverted Pleat)

Box Pleat curtains have permanently sewn in pleats like pinch pleat but with a simpler plainer look as the excess fabric is pleated to the back not the front.  Box pleat also looks great under a Rod and Ring set but is suitable for any track. It’s perfect for a streamlined look in modern interiors. The curtain has a 8cm heading tape sewn in and is suitable for pin in hooks or slip in hooks including our adjustable smart hooks. Box pleat is sewn in to a fixed >



Eyelet headings are stylish and flexible. The even spacing of the eyelets creates neat uniform folds. The curved folds look great on any Rod up to 30mm in diameter running through the 40mm metal eyelets. With variable >


S-Fold is the current high fashion of curtain headings. It has a very neat even folds due to the evenly spaced press studs on the 25mm heading tape. This heading >Centre Overlaps and Returns are not applicable on S-Fold tracks and standard fullness is 2.2 times for all fabrics.