Curtain Installation Guide for New Curtains

Congratulations on receiving your new curtains from Curtains on the Net! Now, you’ve got to figure out how to install them properly.

Installing the curtain rod

While ready-made curtains are fairly easy to install, it is essential to use the correct screws when installing the curtain rods or tracks.

Please view a guide below:


Wall Type & Screw to use Instructions

Timber Recesses or Architraves

If you’re installing your curtain rod into timber it is important to keep a few things in mind.

  • Make sure the screws you use aren’t too long and are designed for timber
  • Pre-drilling is important to avoid the timber splitting, but make sure the hole you drill is smaller than the screw diameter
  • Screw in all your screws loosely before screwing them in tight to make sure the curtain rod is level and flush against the surface.

Gyprock / Plaster wall Installations

Gyprock is the most common material house walls are made of. Just using a normal screw means that your curtain rod will fall out or rip bigger holes in the wall.

  • Using a product such as “Wall Mates” (available at most hardware stores) means the weight of the curtain rod is supported when you screw the brackets on.
  • Wall Mates is a larger screw that goes into the wall before you use a normal screw to fix the bracket to the wall.
  • Make sure to make where the screws are going before you screw the Wall Mates into the wall.
  • Where possible use a longer screw to fasten directly to the wall studs behind the gyprock.
Aluminium Window Frames

Aluminium is slightly easier to install into.

  • Marking is still vital
  • Don’t need to pre-drill as long as you are using “self-drilling” screws. These have a drill bit on each screw just like the ones in the picture.
Brick or Masonry installations

Brick and masonry is also a simple installation, but needs more work.

  • You’ll need to get masonry wall plugs that suit the >
  • You will also need a specific masonry drill bit as a standard drill bit won’t work.
  • Measure and mark where the screws need to go before pre-drilling into the wall with a Hammer Drill
  • Simply hammer the masonry plugs into the wall and then fix the bracket to the wall with normal screws (make sure they are as long as the wall plug).


Installing your custom or ready-made curtains

Box Pleat and Pinch Pleat Curtains

Box pleating and pinch pleating curtains hang beautifully due to the sewn pleats controlling the folds. Simply hook the curtain onto your rod rings or track. It is essential to give the correct finished >

Pencil Pleat Curtains

A 7.5 cm wide tape is used allowing 3 hook positions giving either a 2.5 cm, 1.5 cm or 0.6 cm heading above the hook. By selecting the appropriate hook position, the curtain rail can either be covered or left in view. Upon receiving your curtains simply pull on the strings to gather your drapes to the correct >

Eyelet Curtains – To install your eyelet curtains simply weave onto your curtain rod before hanging. Pay attention to the outer ends and which way the first weave will face (inside or out).
Decorative Pole or Rod Curtain Track
Width Measurement: Ensuring your decorative rod or pole is extended equally past your window, measure the total length between the two finials (decorative ends) refer to the diagram above (1). This will determine your required > Width Measurement: Ensuring your curtain track is extended equally past your window, measure the total length including any returns (curved ends). Refer to the diagram above (1). This will determine your required >